cloud-based business process
and workflow services


We take pen and paper, word of mouth, email trail and shared spreadsheet based business processes/workflows, update them with your input and roll them out on our online platform so that everyone who needs to participate, can, using nothing but an internet connection and a web browser.

We remove unnecessary administration, human bottlenecks, recapturing from one legacy system to another, processing delays and the fog that stops you staying on top of business.

We don’t try to remove or replace the systems you have now e.g. accounting, CRM, ERP, etc. but we do make them talk to each other as part of a single process solution.

We can tell you exactly who is responsible for what, when they received and accepted a task, how they have progressed and what the current status of those tasks are.

We can give your staff, suppliers, customers and any other party who needs to participate, their own secured, tailormade, tracked and audited view into your processes, as you see fit.

We do all of this without you having to make any investment in hardware, software or additional skills; our no up-front development fee policy, simple billing model and predicable cost structure, ensure that you will see great value.

Experience has also shown that we can deliver far quicker than other solution providers, increasing efficiency and lowering costs within 7 to 10 days after the first process is signed off, and often before the first billing takes place.

We have built and are running solutions for clients in healthcare, telecommunications, engineering, franchise services, legal, FMCG and logistics.


Paratus Solutions Telecom


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