cloud-based business process
and workflow services


We take pen and paper, word of mouth, email based or legacy system based business processes/workflows, update them with your input and roll them out on our online platform so that all parties to the process can use them in a web browser.

We remove unnecessary administration, human bottlenecks, recapturing and processing delays.

We don’t remove or replace the systems you have now e.g. accounting, CRM, ERP, etc. but we do make them talk to each other as part of a single process solution.

We can tell you exactly who is responsible for what, when they received and accepted a task, how they have progressed and what the current status of those tasks are.

We can give 3rd parties their own tailored view into your processes e.g. service providers, your customers, etc. to capture or view data, without additional outlay.

We do all of this without you having to make any investment is hardware, software or additional skills.

Experience has also shown that we can deliver far quicker than other solution providers, often launching the first impactful results within 7 to 10 days after the process is signed off.

We have built and are running solutions for clients in healthcare, telecommunications, engineering, franchise services, legal, FMCG and logistics.


Paratus Solutions Telecom


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